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Vidoes of poets and musicians performing at 'live' Pulsar Poetry Evenings, at various Wiltshire venues. Videos may be viewed by clicking on the You Tube links, shown below. 

All videos are the copyright of David Pike.


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From A Spit of Light – Neil Brooks    https://youtu.be/CtQXCvKtPfY


God is Dead – Louisa Davison   https://youtu.be/-Rz-awMJpcg


Love Is – Shaun Butler    https://youtu.be/Hi52_U-RmNU


Street Where I Lived - David Burridge   https://youtu.be/C9LW3z29zNM


The Problem About a Song About a Banker – Alan Fryer   https://youtu.be/H2lk0K2e8Qs


Bassett Biker Brigade – Tony Hillier   https://youtu.be/-IqmE5EWiwg


Who Am I – Eve Kimber   https://youtu.be/OA-JOouLmlg


September in Barbury Castle – Robert Stredder   https://youtu.be/PfgKsVdduio


On Being Written Down – John Richardson   https://youtu.be/qezLCyoioJQ


Breaking News – Armando Halpern   https://youtu.be/pNxdH6loLG4


Alfred Williams Talk - Dr John Forster   https://youtu.be/LUVTHXPvH0Y


Battered Moons – Cristina Newton   https://youtu.be/91tVvue2COg


What’s On Your Mind – Michael Scott   https://youtu.be/M_75lk-uPd8


Henry and Susie are Missing – Hilda Sheehan  https://youtu.be/WGCzH1dx7qw


Mr Nakasone – Tom Gill   https://youtu.be/J7JImDkC7R0


Holywell Music Room – David Gill   https://youtu.be/efrYwlJwrJA


Precipitation – Keith Hilling   https://youtu.be/JEpMKxrA2Os


Gathering Summer In – Tallis Kimberley and Chantelle Smith  https://youtu.be/_NVe5i672S8


Dr Who Girl – Jonathan Taylor   https://youtu.be/__IEM-SiGxk


War – Andrew Barber   https://youtu.be/YCE3QvmHapA


Dry Moored – Lucy Hannah   https://youtu.be/WJjGRD_5VCk


Dedalus – Martin Malone https://youtu.be/91yWIf9-68k


She Was Flying – John Richardson   https://youtu.be/hQUMuv17Yd0


Tempting Fate – Reciprocals -   Katherine T Owen   https://youtu.be/DKDSIgPCwTQ


Flamenco – Stevie Gilmore  https://youtu.be/VWECyMA0Tmc


A Summer Yew Song – Teresa Davey   https://youtu.be/rV7qL9iETVQ


Hello, Excuse Me – Victoria Slatter   https://youtu.be/bD1-XJiRoZ0


Knitting Crisp Packets in a Shed – Sue Chadd   https://youtu.be/SHz84p4U_aM


The Last Bus – Mo Needham -  https://youtu.be/wUcs8RJBKRQ


Poem by Peter Farr - https://youtu.be/xC1sPFPollk


Studying Italian – Rona Laycock     https://youtu.be/k1AwDdE5klo


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