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Avoiding Potholes, new 42 page paperback poetry book by David Pike. Click on image to enlarge.  Foreword by Dr. Roger G. Singer, published poet, teacher, poet laureate. Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA. Book rear cover note by Anthony Wade, published poet, Midleton Writers Group, East Cork, Ireland. Publication date, August 2024.  ISBN 978-1-3999-8999-2 .  UK delivered price £8.50. David Pike is the founder and editor of Pulsar Poetry Magazine and webzine which commenced from 1995, and continues today as this web.  To purchase or enquire send email to: pulsar.ed@btinternet.com 


Recent 'ish paperback poetry book by David Pike, By Associoation,  published 2021, ISBN 978-0-9570254-9-3.   DP's sixth poetry book. Book viewable via Cornwall Libraries. UK delivered  price is £7.99.   


Also, perhaps, view Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow. Collected poems, 1993 - 2018,  by David Pike. 115 page paperback, ISBN 978-0-9570254-8-6 £6.99 UK.  To purchase, please see above.

Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow, is available for electronic reading devices via: 

Link to ebook - Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow 




We are always seeking new poems to publish. 

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June 2024; 59th Edition as a Webzine


Thank you for visiting Pulsar Poetry Webzine.  Pulsar Poetry Webzine / Magazine is in its 29th year of existence.  The last printed edition was published in September 2009.    Older versions of the Pulsar web are viewable via the British Library on-line archives, Click:  On-line archives  then enter www.pulsarpoetry.com in the search box, to view.


The aim of Pulsar Poetry Webzine is to provide a platform for poets to submit their original, previously unpublished work, for consideration for possible publication on the Pulsar web.  We are an altruistic concern, not a business. The Pulsar editor, David Pike, (DP), is very picky and will only publish poems on merit. 


The editor's preference is for hard hitting poems that have a message, meaning, and  are well written.  Not keen on deeply religious poems or de-dah de-dah poems where everything chimes annoyingly like a cheap clock.  Please don't send poems about cute and cuddly kittens.  Simultaneous submissions are not considered.


Note: the subject matter of published poems, (other than those by DP), remain the personal thoughts / views of the contributors and may not be the views held by the Pulsar webzine editor.


The preferred method for poem submission to the editor is via email to: pulsar.ed@btinternet.com Paste your poems into the body of an email message; computer file attachments will not be read. Please do not send (AI) computer generated poems. You may also send poems via land mail, (but only if you reside in the UK). Remember to include a stamped addressed return envelope. If there is no stamped addressed envelope, (or email address), then no reply will be forthcoming. Editorial address: 90 Beechwood Drive, Camelford, Cornwall, PL32 9NB.  Overseas submissions should be sent via email only.  Send no more than 3 unpublished poems at any given time.  Be patient, it usually takes 30+ days to reply.


Poetry Book Reviewers: we are seeking enthusiastic and reliable poetry readers to provide their  fair and balanced reviews of poetry books received.  You will probably be required to review four books a year only, one at each quarter of the year.  The books will be sent to you via conventional land mail.  There is no pay, but you do get to keep the books.  Your reviews will appear on Pulsar Poetry Webzine, with your name shown as the reviewer. If interested please contact the Pulsar editor via pulsar.ed@btinternet.com 

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