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Above photo, David Pike,  (DP, Pulsar editor).


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September 2016; 28th Edition as a Webzine


Thank you for visiting the newly refurbished Pulsar Poetry Webzine.  Pulsar Poetry Webzine / Magazine is in its 22nd year of existence.  The last printed edition was published in September 2009.  The demise of ancient software has resulted in the web being re-written.  Older versions of the web may possibly be vieweable via the British Library on-line archives.


The aim of Pulsar Poetry Webzine is to provide a platform for poets to submit their original, previously unpublished work, for consideration for possible publication on the Pulsar web.  We are an altrusitic concern, not a business. The Pulsar editor, David Pike, is very picky and will only publish poems on merit. 


The editor's preference is for hard hitting poems that have a message, meaning, and  are well written.  Not keen on deeply religious poems or de-dah de-dah poems where everything chimes annoyingly like a cheap clock.  Please don't send poems about cute and cuddly kittens.  Simultaneous submissions are not considered.


The preferred method for poem submission to the editor is via email to: pulsar.ed@btinternet.com Paste your poems into the body of an email message; computer file attachments will not be read.

You may also send poems via land mail, (but only if you reside in the UK). Remember to include a stamped addressed return envelope. If there is no stamped addressed envelope, (or email address), then no reply will be forthcoming. Editorial address: 34 Lineacre, Grange Park, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 6DA, UK.  Overseas submissions should be sent via email only.  Send no more than 3 unpublished poems at any given time.  Be patient, it usually takes 30+ days to reply.


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Coming soon, new novel by David Pike, book III in the Bottomley series.  Bottomley and the Laird of Liskeard. E-book, ISBN: 978-0-9570254-5-5


Blenkinsopp mistakenly thought he had Scottish ancestry.  As a result of this, and to enrich his dull and monochrome life, he took this to another level and declared himself  "The Laird of Liskeard."  The Cornish townsfolk of Liskeard ignored his Scottish regalia, ersatz mannerisms and delusions of grandeur.  They viewed  him as the harmless buffoon that he was.  One thing that couldn't be ignored was that Blenkinsopp was very wealthy.  Where did this ongoing source of income come from?  No one in Liskeard was entirely sure, and no one really cared. 


But in the outer reaches of Hades the wealthy nature of Blenkinsopp's  bizarre and possibly damaging existence, drew attention.  A bored, (Friday afternoon), I.T. geek pushed a button and started a bungling chain of events that needed rectification.   Bottomley, an enormous rotting, hideous, and incompetent long term incumbent of Hades was nudged out of retirement and transported to Liskeard - with a view to bumping Blenkinsopp off.  A series of farcical situations take place that affect the fortunes of both Blenkinsopp and Bottomley.

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